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INFORMAL CITY PARK, group show, a&o Kunsthalle, Leipzig, 2021

Gabriela Kobus, Circles, steel, laquer, 300 x 310 x 300 cm, 2021.

Works in background by Grit Aulitzky, Layla Nabi, Heba Mohamed.

Curating Team: StudioKhana, Kairo

Photos: Gustav Franz

Circles and Amusement Categories

A projekt by Gabriela Kobus with artists from  Kairo, Dresden und Leipzig

in cooperation with curator-Team StudioKhana from Kairo.

Informal City Park addresses aspects of urban life in rapidly changing cities and links them to the longing for distraction and pleasures.
This basic need, which exists independently of cultural and spatial realities of life, opens up the space as a connecting element for intercultural reflection on the topic from an Arab and European perspective of the participating artists.
Together, an experimental thinking space is created in which contradictions and questions on both topics can be examined.

Gabriela Kobus, Amusement Categories, 2021, Carpet, 1100 x 150 cm, Displaybox with print on acrylic glass, 30 x 52 x 86 cm, 2021

The installation Amusement Categories deals with different environments and situations in which amusement rides can be found. Pieces of carpet, soft and colorful, show outlines of amusement rides from images of residential areas, slums, amusement parks and war zones.


Some Amusement Categories Details:

Above: Happy Land / Riyadh



Mortal Fear: Roller coaster landscape / Orlando

Ferris Wheel: Set up in war zone / Aleppo

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