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MOŻE WSPÓŁDZIELNE - MEERSCHMERZ, group exhibition, Studio BWA / A-i-R Wro,Wroclaw, 2017

Gabriela Kobus, Category Board Installation with wood-board, bowl with coloured balls. Video in background by Beata Rojek.

CATEGORY BOARDS are series of object sketches with cut-out silhouettes of people and objects. The contours are taken from photographs.


The multimedia installation is the result of a collaborative effort of Beata Rojek and a group of her friends, forming together the Gang of Dolphins.

Detail views: Category Board, Gabriela Kobus


The Project derives from an utopian concept of an island, that would be a floating ‘biennale’ of art—a neutral space for creative exchange, moving from one shore to another and performing as a bridge over all humans’ divisions: geographical (3 continents), political (currently 23 countries), linguistic, cultural, religious and others.

In opposition to a hierarchy, it was meant by the dolphins to be a holarchy—an evolving, self-organizing and open system, where every element is, at the same time, a part and a whole, enabling horizontal communication and free fluctuation of forms. … The project draws from the vast Mediterranean culture and history, revealing the aim to escape from both euro- and anthropocentric perspectives and seeking for their substitution with a new holistic narrative.


Text (excerpt): HALLE14 Center for Contemporary Art, Leipzig,

where the first Meerschmerz exhibition took place in 2016.

Curator: Zofia Reznik the Dolphin

Photos: Alicja Kielan


Exhibition view, Studio BWA / A-i-R Wro,Wroclaw, 2017

Category Board by Gabriela Kobus, works in background by Beata Rojek, Wojtek Furmaniak, Raoul Hott.

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