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SPA, solo show, Galerie Gänge, Leipzig, 2023

Stretch&Relax course 1 + Relax couse, 2023, glas, steel, towel, healing clay.

The exhibition was part of the year's program "let's stay in touch" and was funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig and SSB Ost.

How strongly do we humans connect with our surroundings? How aware we of the extent to which we anthropomorphize not only animals but also objects? 

Do we love our smartphones, do we talk to our cars?

Gabriela Kobus addresses the contradictory tracks and winding paths in which our caring impulses move.

The garden shed becomes a place of rest for traumatized laminated glass


Above: Detail view Relax course, glas, towel,

display size: 92 x 44 cm, 2023

Detail view Relax couse, glas, clay,

display size: each 92 x 44 cm, 2023


Stretch&Relax course 2,

glas, steel, 2023


Stretch&Relax course 2,

Detail: 62 x 80 x 15 cm, 2023


IP5, glas, smartphone display, resin, 22 x 38cm, 2023

Oscar, glas, animal hair, resin, 22 x 38cm, 2023

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